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Door 2 Art Studio was founded by Adriana Caso with the belief that the expressing and experiencing of beauty through art has a unique ability to promote hope, unity, collaboration, and reconciliation.

With that in mind Door 2 has undertaken a diverse set of projects from murals, sculptures and immersive experiences to public art installations, art classes and mentoring both at home in Ohio and abroad. Though diverse in nature, the studio's projects always keep in mind the primary goal of being a conduit for enabling expression, positivity, and growth.

Door 2 is passionate to help people cultivate skills that will encourage them in their personal work as well as promote collaborations with each other and the community. We believe that art has the potential to break cultural barriers and bring unity and restoration. Door 2 works to be innovative and relevant with communities and organizations to create ongoing connections for intentional artistic opportunities.

One of the primary rhythms of Door 2 is regular open studio times where artists of all ages and skill levels gather together to share their ideas and work side by side learning from one another. Check out our calendar or reach out to find a time to stop by and join our community.

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Find out how to get involved or check out some of our team's work in their artist galleries!

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