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Door 2 Art Show Gallery 2024

Our Jury Process

Each year we select a group of jurors from Door 2 staff and outside artists with the goal of constructing a panel of experts in a wide variety of art specializations and media. 


The judges score each piece from a rubric which includes categories for scoring in Composition & Use of Subject Matter, Use of Color and Contrast, Craftsmanship & Techniques, and Creativity & Storytelling.  


The panel’s intentional diversity of artistic specialization is done in an effort to provide a wide array of experts, available to give insight to other jurors should they have a technique or craftmanship question regarding a piece made from a medium with which they are less familiar.  The judges’ scores are then compiled together, and awards are given to the highest combined scores in each category. Each individual artist is limited to two pieces, of which, only one may win an award. The jurors and their family members are not eligible to submit for judging.       

The 2024 Jury 


Door 2 Art Studio Staff

Adriana Caso, Michael Seng, and Sara Hughes


Outside Artists

Lisa Foster, John Sinchok, Michele Moncrief, and Corbett Teter

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