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What can you find in the trees?
We have two NEW birds flying in the trees for Christmas! Complete the Birdsong Christmas Hunt and get a prize from the Hudson Visitor Center!


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Make sure to tag us in a picture while you enjoy the installation!

Birdsong is a unique multi-faceted public art installation.

Over 150 bird sculptures hand-painted by local artists are installed in the trees in downtown Hudson, as well as a large bird sculpture mosaiced in ceramic tiles that were painted by members of the community. Surprising flocks of color are popping downtown!


The vision of Birdsong is to discover wonder in the way birds sing their own songs for different reasons, but together they create an inspiring sound of unity. Our lives make a sound as well - what sound will they make? We aim to foster reflection and hope, spark conversation, and enjoy community centered around this narrative of gentle beauty.


Artist Gallery

As you explore the Birdsong installation, use the map to discover more about the birds and the artists who painted them.  

The Bird Zones each include ten birds.  For example, Zone 1 includes birds numbered 1 - 10, Zone 2 includes birds numbered 11-20, etc.


The Bird Zone number is also the page number in the gallery where a photograph of the bird can be found.

The Birdsong Path


NAME THAT BIRD results are in!
Introducing: Melody

Located on the Park Lane Green in Hudson



Christ Community Chapel for their extreme generosity in funding this project, and for their support of the vision to bring beauty to our community

The City of Hudson for their collaboration with this project – City Council, Mayor Jeffrey Anzevino, Rhonda Kadish, Dan Burkholder, Kevin Powell, Eric Hutchinson, Liz Murphy, Katie Behnke, and their teams


John Sinchok for his incredible help with the realization of the small and large bird sculptures


Jon Fawcett for 3D printing many of the birds


Matt Gerber and WRA for roto-molding many of the birds


Mike Feeney for creating the molds for roto-molding


Matt Maxwell for CAD design for the large bird


Martha Bayliss and the Moos Gallery


Eros Caso for giving the large bird his bones


Keith Dodson & Doug at Lawn Ranger

Door 2 Volunteers who have been so generous with their time and talents


The local artists for painting the small birds

The Community members for making tiles


Birdsong Vision Team: Karen Koch, Lisa Foster, Meaghan Reed, John Sinchok, Michele Moncrief, Adriana Caso, Mike Seng, Sara Hughes, Pearl McDowell


Birdsong would not be possible

without all of your efforts!

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